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Baked Oats One TikTok Sensation meets my Eyeballing Cooking Style.

One TikTok Sensation meets my Eyeballing Cooking Style.

A cup of whole oats blitzed with one frozen overripe banana (use a normal banana, I only have frozen ones because I never remember to eat them in time and end up freezing the overripe ones), one egg, a giant squirt of date syrup, vanilla essence, zest of one whole lemon, and some oat milk to loosen the mixture till it resembled cake batter. Once done I added 1tsp baking soda. I wanted it very lemony so added the juice of half a lemon. Poured the mix into some oiled ramekins, topped them with blueberries and crushed pecans and baked at 180C for about 30mins or till the whole house started smelling wonderful and a knife inserted in came out clean.

Baking Science 101: When using Baking soda, you need an acid + liquid to activate it. Baking powder has cream of Tartar (tartaric acid) so doesn’t need any additional acid. So if I wasn’t using lemon juice in the recipe above, I would replace the baking soda with baking powder and eyeball in a bigger quantity.

Best served hot with a dollop of nut butter or Nutella and topped with cold milk till it soaks through.

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